Advanced Algorithms for Bosch XDK

  • Solve difficult sensing problems or improve accuracy by combining multiple sensors
  • Automatically detect current state, changes or anomalies in your machine and process
  • Extract most relevant information from your data
  • World-class expertise in development and implementation of cutting-edge algorithms
  • Customized algorithms developed for your specific application and integrated on the Bosch XDK

Anomaly Detection with Bosch XDK

  • Intelligent sensor for detection of anomalies in your devices, machines, process and buildings
  • Neural network integrated on Bosch XDK for performing online and streaming analytics
  • Algorithms are configurable to use any set of sensors that is integrated on Bosch XDK

Neural Network integrated on Bosch XDK for Online Anomaly Detection

Embedded-Analytics Applications

  • Monitor and predict the condition of your device, machines, process and buildings, e.g., changes in vibration, machine up and down-times
  • Estimate values that cannot be directly measured by combining ones that are available and knowledge in terms of physical models
  • Extract most relevant information and send only these to a higher level (e.g., edge computer, cloud) in order to reduce transmission costs

We develop cutting-edge algorithms and software for your specific application.

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