Advanced Algorithms for Bosch XDK

Advanced Algorithms for Bosch XDK

Solve difficult sensing problems or improve accuracy by combining multiple sensors

Automatically detect current state, changes or anomalies in your machine and process

Extract most relevant information from your data

World-class expertise in development and implementation of cutting-edge algorithms

Customized algorithms developed for your specific application and integrated on the Bosch XDK

Algorithms for your Specific Application


Cleansing, Reduction, Whitening, Interpolation, FFT, Outlier Detection, ...

State Estimation

Bayes Theorem, Kalman Filter, Particle Filter, Hidden Markov Model, Gaussian Process, ...


EKF, UKF, LRKF, SLAM, Visual-SLAM, Particle Filter, MHT, JPDA, IMM, Factor Graph, ...

Machine Learning

Linear Regression, SVM, Neural Network, CNN, Random Forest, Ensemble Methods, ...


PCA, K-Means, Self-Organizing Maps, Generative Topographic Mapping, t-SNE, ...

Anomaly Detection

Bayes Theorem, Autoencoder, PCA, K-Means, Self-Organizing Maps, ...

Anomaly Detection with Bosch XDK

Intelligent sensor for detection of anomalies in your devices, machines, process and buildings

Neural network integrated on Bosch XDK for performing online and streaming analytics

Algorithms are configurable to use any set of sensors that is integrated on Bosch XDK

Neural Network integrated on Bosch XDK for Online Anomaly Detection
Embedded-Analytics Applications

Monitor and predict the condition of your device, machines, process and buildings, e.g., changes in vibration, machine up and down-times

Estimate values that cannot be directly measured by combining ones that are available and knowledge in terms of physical models

Extract most relevant information and send only these to a higher level (e.g., edge computer, cloud) in order to reduce transmission costs

We develop cutting-edge algorithms and software for your specific application.
We look forward to your inquiries and will be happy to help you!

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About Knowtion

Knowtion is specialized in sensor fusion and data analytics. The company develops cutting-edge algorithms and software for various applications in industrial, automation, air traffic management, medical technology and home automation.

About Bosch XDK

The Bosch XDK Cross Domain Development Kit is a universal programmable sensor device packed with state of the art sensor technology and ready-to-use software packages, capable of fulfilling all your IoT application needs.