Algorithm Development

Development Process

In complex technical and mathematical problems, the development of capable algorithms is especially challenging. To enable a quick and efficient development, Knowtion uses a specialized agile process:

1) Analysis stage: Analysis of the problem statement, revision of existing measurement data, and proposal of requirements.
2) Development stage: Development of various solution approaches and exemplary implementation in a rapid-development environment.
3) Evaluation stage: Evaluation of algorithm with respect to performance in simulations.
4) Documentation stage: Documentation of the developed algorithms, and respective results of the evaluation stage.

By seamlessly switching back and forth between development and evaluation stages, as well as making use of rapid-prototyping environments, Knowtion has the continuing ability to develop powerful algorithms in a quick and efficient manner. This shortens development times and reduces costs.

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Sensor Data Fusion

Sensor data fusion is the combination and aggregation of measurements from multiple sensors into a coherent overall picture. This allows the fusion of different types of sensors and the correction of severe measurement disturbances.

For the unification of the different information, specific algorithms and software products are necessary. Depending on the application we use primarily the Bayesian information methodology. This allows a systematic fusion of the individual data. In this way, the uncertainties are minimized and an improved result – maximum information can be obtained from the data. For example, the position and intention of people can be determined from different camera images and additional data.

Automatische Datenanalyse

Automatic data analysis is the automatic real-time evaluation and interpretation of measurement values. Patterns and deviations in data are recognized and corrected where necessary.

In many applications a recognition and measurement of characteristic patterns of information and combination of individual states is necessary. The individual sensor data is analyzed and evaluated in order to generate value-added information that allow a description of the underlying system. Furthermore, appropriate algorithms are able to predict future behavior and detect anomalies and system faults.


Knowtion was founded in 2011. Our highly qualified team members have been active for more than eight years in the research and develop- ment of algorithms for sensor fusion and automatic data analysis and have successfully used them in a variety of client projects.


With our expertise we can help you to deduce more information from your data and get a better basis for assessments and forecasts. Your product will be more reliable and accurate, so you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


We have profound understanding and expertise in the field of sensor fusion and automatic data analysis. We are familiar with stochastic estimation theory, information fusion, machine learning, neural network and fuzzy logic.


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