Localization and Tracking

The aim of localization and tracking is an accurate derivation of position and orientation of moving targets (e.g. aircraft, mobile robots, persons in buildings). Since the position is not directly measureable, distance or angle measures are exploited for localizing a certain object. Depending on the measurement concept the sensor data may contain biases and noises. By means of the softsensors developed by us, the sensor errors and sensor biases can be minimized leading to a more accurate localization result.

Automatic Data Analysis

The aim of automatic data analysis is to use noisy sensor data for the derivation of additional information and decision models. The derived information can be used for analysis, identification, and optimization of the underlying process. Variables to be optimized could be for example quality measures or the system state of a complex, industrial process. Due to a high number of sensors and the resulting complexity more and more process data needs to be processed in a very short time. As a result the interpretation and evaluation of the sensor data is getting more difficult and complex. By means of the softsensors developed by us, additional information about the underlying system can be extracted, the future behavior can be predicted, as well as anomaly and system faults can be detected.



Knowtion was founded in 2011. Our highly qualified team members have been active for more than eight years in the research and develop- ment of algorithms for sensor fusion and automatic data analysis and have successfully used them in a variety of client projects.


With our expertise we can help you to deduce more information from your data and get a better basis for assessments and forecasts. Your product will be more reliable and accurate, so you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


We have profound understanding and expertise in the field of sensor fusion and automatic data analysis. We are familiar with stochastic estimation theory, information fusion, machine learning, neural network and fuzzy logic.


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