ShiraTech-Knowtion Cloud

3 Levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Predictive Maintenance


  • Early detection with selective notification based on Machine Learning (ML)
  • Reliable maintenance recommendations
  • Cloud-based, locally hosted (on-premises) or hosted in a European data center
  • Condition monitoring and predictions based on current and historical data, pleated with information such as job utilization, planned machine usage, etc.


Smart Maintenance


  • Perform maintenance procedures only at the ideal time
  • Intuitive user feedback is automatically taken into account
  • Transparent insight into the data and the suggested actions
  • All available real data (machine age/type, usage behavior, system anomalies, future production orders, etc.) is taken into account


Local Anomaly Detection 


  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the iCOMOX™ independently detects anomalies
  • Anomalies are evaluated in real time, trained by Machine Learning (ML)
  • Condition classification of facilities, machines as well as components
  • Precise failure classification through selective constellation recognition



User Interface


Plain looking and configurable dashboard

System recommendations based on current status and derived trends

Warnings and Alerts

Display of real-time and historical values

Trend analysis and condition prediction




Device Manager


In addition to a Floorplan Viewer and Floorplan Editor, you can perform iCOMOX™ device management such as configuration, control or monitoring under the Device Manager.


The Device Manager is optimized for our iCOMOX™ and enables the use within different cloud environments such as Siemens MindSphere or AWS.






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