of your company, your processes, your way of thinking. 

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Why with Knowtion?


  • We are an ISO 9001 certified company with extensive experience in Open Source and Commercial Solutions – we are not tied to specific Software-Toolchains.
  • We are familiar with the funding landscape in Baden-Württemberg and can show you further funding opportunities and support you in the application process.
  • We offer an independent consultation suitable for the specific requirements of our customers, as well as a free initial consultation.
  • We will strengthen your company so that you can exploit the maximum potential to ensure your long-term competitiveness.








We have over 10 years of experience and stand as a highly qualified data science consulting firm with expertise in researching, developing and applying algorithms to processing data by your side.



We help our clients to generate competitive advantage and added value through our data science best practices such as data analytics and to realize the full potential of their data.



Our strength lies in the cooperation with strong partners from various areas in whom we trust. Openness and mutual trust are our basis for a successful cooperation.



Through our projects, we enable more efficient processes, better decisions, innovative products and identify new business models. In doing so, we strive for the highest quality and reliability.







  • REVIEW of the current corporate IT-structure
  • TEMPLATES with specific activities to increase security in your company
  • IMPLEMENTATION of the measures



  • CONSULTATION regarding possible tools and processes
  • TRAINING: Materials + customer training
  • INTRODUCTION of new Tools: CRM, HRM, Content Management System, Video-Conference and Chat, PM
  • SET UP as server in your company or as customer cloud solution
  • SOFTWARE as subscription vs. self-maintained
  • AI for machine monitoring
  • CLOUD-SOLUTION for machine data
  • HOME-OFFICE Transition: VPN Tunnel for Desktop and Mobile



  • CUSTOMIZATION of the specifically selected software to your requirements
  • CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC configuration
  • EXTENSION of the software solution by specific input masks, reports, etc.
  • WE CONSULT, You decide.



Specialized in industry and Cyber-Security software!

Software service provider with over 10 years of experience!

ISO 9001 certified!

Member of the Alliance for Cyber Security!

Member of the CyberForum!

This is what your cooperation with us could look like – our services:

We offer you a free initial consultation so that we can become familiar with your company and your needs, just as you become familiar with us. We will discuss your interests and wishes in order to determine the scope of the project. This will also help us to decide which of our services are suitable for you. If you decide to work with Knowtion, we will actively support you during the application process and explain in detail what the individual positions in the legal form mean.

If the project includes an Analysis Phase, after project approval for the funded grant we systematically analyze which areas will be optimized and how you can achieve your goals. Alternatively, we can also start directly with the implementation if the respective specific preconditions have already been jointly agreed in the application phase.

Then it all begins and we get straight to work for you. This can include the analysis of the existing IT landscape for Cyber Security risks as well as the support during the introduction of a new software including its configuration and training. For manufacturing companies, there is also the possibility, for example, to explore Machine Learning methods with us for their processes – in order to be able to identify errors at an early stage and to increase the efficiency of their production.

We will gladly show you our approaches and suggestions for improvement and what they can achieve for you.

We want you to benefit permanently from our advisory services! Therefore, in every consulting project you will receive tailor-made, customer-specific materials based on your needs, which will continue to accompany and support you even after the end of our project! In most cases, these materials include various presentations for internal staff training, onboarding guides for the new tools and checklists to help you set up everything correctly when configuring new computers, for example:


  • Depending on your specific needs, we will analyze your systems with your expert and advise you on specific measures that can be implemented directly so that you can operate your IT landscape in a stable and secure manner:
    • Analysis of your servers with regard to cyber security and data protection and identification of measures to increase stability, security and data protection
    • Analysis of your connection to the Internet and identification of measures to increase stability and security
    • Analysis of the integration of mobile devices into your company network and identification of measures to increase stability and security
    • Analysis and advice on the integration of remote office workplaces (home office, mobile office) via VPN access to the company network
    • Analysis and consulting on the configuration of the software used in the company to increase cyber security
  • In addition, we take care of the supply of specific training materials for your employees:
    • Advisory slides on server protection
    • Checklists for secure configuration of your servers against cyber security risks
    • Advisory slides on Data Leakage Devices
    • Advisory slides on the integration of mobile devices
    • Checklists for configuring and securing the integration of mobile devices
    • Advisory slides for configuration of MSO in a secure manner
    • Checklists for configuring and securing MSO

Digital Business Processes:

  • Implementation of new tools (GDPR compliant):
    • CRM System(Customer Relationship Management)
    • HRM System(Human Resource Management System)
    • Content Management System
    • Project Management Tools(e.g. for agile development and secure traceability from requirements across software/hardware development to testing and verification.
    • VPN Tunnel etc.
  • Software for machine supervision
    • Custom solutions for monitoring machines incl. machine learning (if desired)
    • Analysis Software for Machine Data und Reporting
    • Linking of machine data to in-house databases (software development, concepts, etc.)


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