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Knowtion offers customer-specific consulting and solution development, from system analysis and design through implementation and optimization on the target system. The long-standing expertise and academic excellence allows Knowtion to develop customized solutions in terms of algorithms and software tools to provide to its customers in a very short time.

Knowtion offers customized advice and solutions in the field of information and sensor data fusion in different industrial applications. Knowtion can thereby assist in all phases of development, from the theoretical analysis, modeling and design to implementation and verification on the target system.

Proof of Concept

During a proof of concept, Knowtion identifies the problem statement and develops a basic solution approach in close collaboration with the customer to achieve a highly goal-oriented process. This establishes the base necessary to follow up the proof of concept stage with a goal-oriented and cost-efficient implementation of the project.

Algorithm Development

Knowtion excels in the development of algorithms and solutions for complex mathematical problems, such as sensor data fusion and automatic data analysis. In conjunction with this, methods for processing sensor data – possibly disturbed by interfering signals – play a decisive role.

Unique features of Knowtion are comprehensive expertise and long-time experience in the fields of sensor data fusion, automatic data analysis, and development of high-quality software in various technical realms.

Alongside the integration of developed sensor processing and data analysis algorithms, security and quality of the development process are of utmost importance.

Software Development

Besides the development of algorithms, we also offer pure software development services to our customers. Thus, we are able to integrate algorithms developed by us directly into the target environment of our customers, and evaluate, as well as validate, the solutions based on prototypical implementations.

Knowtion offers software development according to proven standards and procedures of the industry, and can thereby guarantee high software quality – and maximum absence of defects. This includes all stages of the software development process, from analyzing user requirements, to maintenance of our software solution.


Knowtion was founded in 2011. Our highly qualified team members have been active for more than eight years in the research and develop- ment of algorithms for sensor fusion and automatic data analysis and have successfully used them in a variety of client projects.


With our expertise we can help you to deduce more information from your data and get a better basis for assessments and forecasts. Your product will be more reliable and accurate, so you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


We have profound understanding and expertise in the field of sensor fusion and automatic data analysis. We are familiar with stochastic estimation theory, information fusion, machine learning, neural network and fuzzy logic.


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