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We are a data science company with expertise in the research, development and application of algorithms for processing sensor data and machine data.


We develop powerful algorithms and implement them as individual software solutions. This ranges from embedded to scalable server architectures, based on different platforms, development environments, technologies and standards. Our solution is provided as individual software modules that can be easily integrated into your software architecture or entire stand-alone software products.


Based on our innovative algorithms and our development process, we help you to gain competitive advantages and added value from your sensor and machine data. The full potential of the data is exploited and you benefit from more efficient processes and better decisions. In our projects, we have already enabled many innovative products, more efficient manufacturing processes and new business models.

With our algorithms you exploit the full potential of your data

Proof of Concept

In workshops we jointly develop first ideas, approaches and solutions, application scenarios are concretized and their potential is analyzed, a first look at the data and the feasibility using algorithms is shown. If there is sufficient potential and feasibility, the ``algorithm-development`` continues.

Algorithm Development

The entire algorithm pipeline is developed, optimized and evaluated for the specific application, solutions are in the areas of data science, sensor fusion, state estimation, machine learning, big data, status and anomaly detection, forecast models, predictive maintenance. The developed algorithms can then be implemented in ``software development``.

Software Development

Implementation and integration of the most optimal algorithm pipeline for your application, development of all software modules along the entire processing chain (embedded, edge, cloud), integration in your processes and infrastructure, implementation and integration in your cloud or a cloud provider of your choice.

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