Algorithm Development

We are specialized in research and development of algorithms for solving complex mathematical problems, such as those required for sensor fusion or automatic data analysis. Here, algorithms that are able to process noisy and disturbed sensor data in a robust manner play an important role.


Our unique selling point is our extensive competence and many years of experience in the field of sensor fusion, automatic data analysis and the development of high quality software for various technical areas. In addition to the integration of the developed algorithms, security and quality aspects also play a major role in the development.

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Software Development

In addition to developing algorithms, we also offer pure software development for our customers. This enables us to integrate the algorithms we have developed directly into your target system and to validate them based on the prototype implementation. Software requirements can also be taken into account during the development of the algorithms and the algorithms can be designed accordingly.


Knowtion offers software development according to defined standards and processes in order to guarantee a high level of software quality – and thus freedom from errors. This includes all phases of the software development process, from the recording of requirements through to maintenance.

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