Predictive Maintenance for Pasta Processing




Reduce food waste in your production line and watch CO2 emissions drop.


A global company producing pasta has an average downtime of 150 hours. This costs the company about $4.5 million and 2,000 tons of wasted food per year.


With ShiraTech-Knowtion, we are committed to reducing unproductive operating time, food waste and CO2 emissions by gathering, evaluating and delivering information and insights from all available data sources.


Customer Requirements


We support our customers in finding ways to achieve their goals.



Food Waste Today


If a pasta manufacturer wants to positively impact the environment, reduce food waste, and become CO2 neutral, we have the right tools and approaches that can deliver these results.


How do we make this possible?


We can help you to:


… maintain the target screw speed and that of the reflux.

… maintain the correct extrusion speed.

… maintain the highest quality of the product constantly.

Implementing our AI model into your production line will help you, for example, to determine the screw speed, pressure and temperatures of your equipment. We can not only estimate the screw life, but also calculate the condition of the extruder’s cutting blade area.




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